Monday, January 3, 2011

Yahoo! Messenger 11 ( Official Full Installer Direct Download Links

A new version of Yahoo! Messenger has been released by Yahoo!, which apparently only include several security fixes and enhancements. Nonetheless, it’s always recommended to download and install latest version of Yahoo! Messenger available. For user who wants to download full version installer of Yahoo! Messenger 11, which typically has the size of around 18.47 MB, instead of small 415 K installer which available from and will in turn download the full installer.

Official Direct Download Links of Yahoo! Messenger 11 ( Full Standalone Installer

Yahoo! Messenger (English)

Yahoo! Messenger (Vietnamese)

Yahoo! Messenger (English)

Yahoo! Messenger (Vietnamese)


US English: ymsgr1000_1258_us.exe
Argentina: ymsgr1000_1258_ar.exe
Brazil: ymsgr1000_1258_br.exe
Canada: ymsgr1000_1258_ca.exe
Canada (Quebec French): ymsgr1000_1258_cf.exe
Chile: ymsgr1000_1258_cl.exe
Columbia: ymsgr1000_1258_co.exe
Mexico: ymsgr1000_1258_mx.exe
Peru: ymsgr1000_1258_pe.exe
Venezuela: ymsgr1000_1258_ve.exe
Yahoo! Telemundo (Latin America Spanish): ymsgr1000_1258_e1.exe
France: ymsgr1000_1258_fr.exe
Germany: ymsgr1000_1258_de.exe
Italy: ymsgr1000_1258_it.exe
Spain: ymsgr1000_1258_es.exe
UK & Ireland: ymsgr1000_1258_uk.exe
Australia & New Zealand: ymsgr1000_1258_au.exe
India (English): ymsgr1000_1258_in.exe
Indonesia: ymsgr1000_1258_id.exe
Hong Kong (Chinese): ymsgr1000_1258_hk.exe
Korea: ymsgr1000_1258_kr.exe
Malaysia: ymsgr1000_1258_my.exe
Philippines: ymsgr1000_1258_ph.exe
Singapore: ymsgr1000_1258_sg.exe
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese): ymsgr1000_1258_tw.exe
Thailand: ymsgr1000_1258_th.exe
Vietnam: ymsgr1000_1258_vn.exe
The full version installer is a standalone setup installer, which does not require Internet access during installation, and hence can be used to install Yahoo! Messenger offline.
Update: Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta


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